The Mulch Co. carries seven (7) different types of mulches with different textures, colors, and prices. All mulches will allow you to retain moisture in the ground so your plants will grow larger & live healthier. As these mulches break down, they add topsoil to your landscaped areas. As good topsoil is created, worms and other organic life will move in, adding nutrients. Pine bark mulches will break down the fastest, then hardwood barks, then the dyed products. All mulches will last approximately one (1) year; although, cypress mulch may last longer if turned every 6 months with a pitchfork. You should put mulch down at 3" thick. Any less not enough, any more overkill. You will have to mulch every year. The second year, you should put down another 3". By the 3rd year, you will have a good base of top soil. You will only need 2" of mulch to top dress your gardens.

Fredericksburg Mulch Products

Some of the many benefits you can experience from a mulch application include:

• Protection from soil erosion

• Reduction of soil compaction from the impact of rain

• Conservation of moisture, resulting in less need for watering

• Maintenance of even soil temperatures

• Prevention of weed growth in flower beds, garden beds, and outdoor living environments

• Cleanliness of fruits and vegetables that you grow yourself

• Cleanliness of shoes after walking through outdoor living environments

• Enhancement of visual appeal of your garden or yard

Fredericksburg Organic Mulch

Organic mulches have the added advantage of the ability to improve the condition of your soil because as organic mulch decomposes, it provides organic matter which helps loosen soil, improve root growth, increase water infiltration and improve the water-holding capacity of soil. By providing plant nutrients to soil, organic mulch creates an ideal environment for soil organisms and earthworms to replenish it.

The Mulch Co offers the very best in organic mulch. Our red, black and brown-dyed mulches are beautiful, do not attract termites, are long lasting and provide you with the many benefits that all organic mulches provide. Our hardwood mulch, made from shredded hardwoods, is natural in color and is a popular landscape material choice. We also carry a 100 percent natural hardwood bark mulch. 

Nutra-Mulch, a manure and peanut hull landscaping material, is great to use around flowers, perennials, vegetables and natural areas to bring up the pH in the soil, attracting worms and providing nutrients back into the soil to nourish your plants and flowers.

You'll want the best for your next landscaping project. Contact the Mulch Co today for just the right mulch to enhance the beauty of your landscaping.


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